Event Up Lighting

LED Up Light

Daily Rate:

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Illuminating Elegance with colorful event up lighting will add the finishing touch to your special event!  Create a glow with a washed out look or add color to a simple event with up lights.  Add under table colored lighting to accentuate the cake, wedding party table, or guest tables with your company or wedding colors.  With a little color, you can shift any atmosphere from simple to spectacular!

Event Up Lighting Details

  • How many lights do I need? That depends on the type of effect you desire.  Do you want to light the whole room or just a specific area? Are you looking to wash the entire room with color, or are you envisioning more of an accent effect? Consider the room size and architecture; large gym or a small, elegant ball room.  It is recommended to space each light approximately 6-12 feet apart. Each light is going to illuminate roughly a 3-4 foot area of wall (width). The more lights you use means the closer you can put them together and the more color, light, and brightness you’ll get.

Rental Price:

  • 1 to 10 Lights: $35.00 each

  • 11 to 20 Lights: $30.00 each

  • 21 + Lights: $25.00 each


OCT2015_The Lodge at Cathedral Pines_Head Table.WEB Wedding_The Lodge at Cathedral Pines_1015.WEB

Under.table.lighting.GOBO.OCT2015.WEB under.table.lighting_OCT2015.WEB