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3ft Cabaret/HiBoy Table ($10.00) Qty:
5ft Round Table ($10.00); QTY:
4ft Banquet Table ($8.00); QTY:
6ft Banquet Table ($8.00); QTY:
8ft Banquet Table ($10.00); QTY:
Folding Chairs, plastic brown ($1.10); QTY:
White Folding Chairs; Poly ($1.50); QTY:
Folding Chair, Wood Padded White ($3.50); QTY:
Folding Chair, Wood Padded Lt Wood ($3.50); QTY:
Folding Chair, Wood Padded Black ($3.50); QTY:
10X10 Canopy ($65.00); QTY:
10x20 Frame Tent ($225.00); QTY:
20x20 Pole Tent; grass only ($220.00); QTY:
20x30 Pole Tent; grass only ($295.00); QTY:
20x20 Frame Tent ($400.00); QTY:
20x40 Frame Tent ($615.00); QTY:
30x60 Frame Tent ($1125.00); QTY:
40x60 Frame Tent ($2100.00); QTY:
Tent Sidewalls (how many, window or solid?):
Set-Up Surface; TENTS:
Raffle Drum; Large ($30.00); QTY:
Blackjack Table ($75.00); QTY:
Poker Table ($65.00); QTY:
Craps Table ($175.00); QTY:
Single Roulette Table ($150.00); QTY:
Double Roulette Table ($195.00); QTY:
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