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What is a GOBO Projection?

A GOBO (GOes Before Optics) is a template made of glass or metal that fits into a specialized GOBO light projector and casts a monogrammed design onto a wall, dance floor, or ceiling. A GOBO projection is a great way for you to add that personal touch and elegantly display the names or initials of the wedding couple, wedding date, company logo, or a special message. We encourage you to take the time to browse our large selection of design templates  by clicking the link below to find the best fit for your Special Event.  The cost for production of your customized monogram image (selected from our GOBO Image Library) starts at $100.00. Customized GOBO image templates are yours to keep at the conclusion of your event; all other GOBO images must be returned. Please allow four weeks for production and shipping.

Rental Rate:


GOBO Projection Details:

  • GOBO Custom Image (selected from our GOBO Image Library): $100.00
  • Basic, Non-customized GOBO Image: No Charge
  • Includes Projector & Stand

GOBO Image Projection Library

Delivery & Other Fees:

  • DELIVERY ONLY; Fees based on city/location
  • Denver-metro area (Longmont – Lone Tree): Based on city/distance
  • Colorado Springs: +$180.00 (for orders under $500.00)
  • Fort Collins/Greeley: +$120.00 (for orders under $500.00)
  • All rentals subject to sales tax
  • Weekly & monthly rates available